Mark Kagy, Blogger Intro

20150405_102609Who the heck am I, and how can you get in touch with me? Click on the “About” button above. Or, if ya can’t find it, click here:

I am going to attempt to write some blogs, which I hope will ultimately be useful to at least one person out there. I have some ideas, like “how anyone can become a computer user for less than $100”, or “if the occult isn’t satanic, then how’s come it got so misunderstood?”, or even “what is the meaning of life”? Now keep in mind, I am just your normal (?) techie type, not a writer, not a pro, but just an everyday “Joe” who doesn’t know a lot about blogging, or HTML/XML, or whatever. But even then, maybe I can contribute something helpful or useful back to the society that has nurtured me all my life; whether I wanted it to, or not…


I love comments, I REALLY love reblogs, hint, hint :)

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