My Dire-y Blog 05/17/2015, Oops, Fell Again

I had been doing pretty well. I had not fallen in a couple years, but my luck did not hold out. I sort of tripped on one leg of a camera tripod, stumbled a few steps towards my entertainment center, and boom! I landed sort of on my left side and knee with my right arm hitting the entertainment center. It hurt pretty bad for about 10 minutes while I just sat/lay there on the floor. When I felt up to trying to get up off of the floor, I used a Lazy-Boy recliner for leverage and slowly made it to my feet. I have some scrapes on my left elbow and right knee, and my right arm feels like I might have pulled a muscle, but I guess I will be OK. I expect I will hurt more than normal for a few days.

My rare neural disorder, Multifocal Motor Neuropathy (MMN) has killed off many of the nerves in my arms and legs, leaving them all weaker than they should be. My left arm/hand and right leg are especially weak. Without something to lean my arms against, I can no longer stand up from the floor without help. Also, for whatever reason, this disorder has played havoc with my sense of balance so that any slight bump or unexpected dip or rise in the yard, sidewalk, street, etc. is sometimes enough to knock me off my feet. I guess I have gotten used to being so careful walking that I have stayed on my feet for a couple of years. There was a time in the past where I was falling several times a year. Once I even fell down the stairs. Anyway, this is just another aspect of MMN I deal with on a daily basis.

One reason for writing this post is simply to document the occurrence for myself, because otherwise I would forget what happened when. I have started to be more careful about documenting because I know my mind is for sh*t these days. Probably goes along with the severe fatigue and other symptoms I have. Also, there are thousands, maybe millions, of people out there who deal with similar, and worse symptoms of diseases and disorders out there day after day. We never hear about them because they keep to themselves, for the most part, suffering in silence. Normal, healthy people have no clue how many of us have these challenges to cope with every day because they never hear about us. So, that is another reason for writing, so that others can become a little more aware of their fellow human beings on a little more personal level. I hope that greater awareness will lead to greater tolerance, understanding, and compassion. Remember, just because a person does not LOOK sick, does not mean they feel OK.  They could be hurting terribly without showing it, and maybe are not able to do everything a healthy person can.

Choose to be a caring, loving human being instead of yet another selfish asshole. There are way too many assholes, and not enough kind people in the world!

5 thoughts on “My Dire-y Blog 05/17/2015, Oops, Fell Again”

  1. Noticed you on my blog and came over. As a massage therapist, I have so many clients who have chronic fatigue, or MS, or lupus, or just any sort of body problem that makes them prone to fall, tire or incur pain, so I am a fan of this post. Some of the people I see are almost incredulous when I express an understanding of what they go through (if I didn’t, I shouldn’t be accepting their fees!); they’ve spent so much time either trying to convince even their doctors that what they feel is real, or refraining from discussion because people can’t leave the subject alone once it comes up and it’s easier just to slog on through. Comprehension shouldn’t be limited to professionals!

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment, and especially your understanding. I am continually amazed at how cruel people can be. I know kids can be very cruel and bullying, but I thought adults were supposed to grow out of it! It is good that the whole “bully” issue is coming to light, but the mentality does not end with school kids, or cops. It is shown in many ways. It bugs me when the only advice people can give, is “get over it”, “push through it”, “you need to have a more positive attitude”, or “why are you on disability when you should be working? You don’t look sick to me”. I attribute all this to the same thinking that leads people to bully others instead of having compassion and understanding for what they are going through each and every day. Thanks, again.

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      1. People are afraid of unexplained, insoluble pain. It makes them realize they could be vulnerable. And the response can easily be “you did something to bring this on yourself” or “you’re exaggerating for sympathy.” Anything to avoid admitting we’re all mortal.

        In the long run, pity their lack of courage, but in the short run, you really do want to bitch-slap some of em.

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