I Feel a HUGE Rant Coming On

My spirit dies in tiny slices of desiccated hopes,
Tidbits rendered lifeless by unwelcomed solitude,
I brag of my uniqueness and self-sufficiency,
Spouting the value of freedom from bonds,
All the while suffering dreams of rescue,
While having long ago abandoned all hope of Joy.

This is what we have done to each other,
Created a sham world of superficial relationships,
False outward expressions of outrage, unrest and angst,
Concealing only a dark, silent base of long-dead emotion,
The happy, positive mask of bravado, required of us,
Substituting for the conspicuous absence of loving fulfillment…


Shame to human society, whose watchwords are aggression, competition, striving, clawing, forcing, power, fame, kill-or-be-killed. Still, after millennia, the self-serving survival instinct still dominates. We know better, we can envision a world entirely different, we have the means to change – yet we remain as we are. We have abandoned the highest humanity for a pale substitute, each to their own devices, on your own, winner take all – all of what? All of nothing is nothing. What is left when there is no true passion or enjoyment in life, only a false facade of pretended happiness, satisfaction and success. We have created an environment where expressing one’s true pain only leads to ridicule. Where cries of hurt shared, with the hope of meeting compassion and love, bring only accusations of weakness and failure, branding you an outcast, and one to be shunned, isolated and shut away, even attacked. How will this end? Will there be an end of suffering, some unexpected reprieve from the isolated loneliness, or just a long, slow wasting away until death finally ends it? I don’t know. Maybe I will add new verses some day. For now, this is as far as I can see.  Will it end well for humanity?

8 thoughts on “I Feel a HUGE Rant Coming On”

  1. A rant with some substance, what is the world coming too? Hopefully this will be them coming to their senses. Valid points all. It seems, sadly, we have become this very shallow people, hollow at our core. We appear to be waiting for others to lead, or some sort of light to come on. Maybe its fear, or a lack of direction, but a courage of the masses appears to be lacking. Standing up for what is right is fading, and we as a people are constantly shrinking back. Maybe the world and its people will wait until we are on the brink of madness to stand up and be counted. Lets hope that it isn’t too late then. :O.

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    1. Between the constant Internet barrage of information, and constant bad news brought to our attention, we have managed to numb our senses to the true horror of war, death, and destruction. I do indeed hope we wake up before it’s too late. Ya, what IS the world coming to? Thanks for the comments!


    2. I agree with you. I am going to watch Born on Fourth of July on Memorial day. so many men have done this, and they never get our attention unless it’s pity. They hate that. They just want and crave our friendship and assistance for the things they can no longer do, like walk.

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  2. There are people that actually lead others and teach the Machiavellian philosophy of the ends jusifies the means I recently saw a rather disturbing blog by a man who has great contempt for women in general and men who he sees as weak.

    He sees the women and the men that have a good nature as prey.

    He has posts about tactics on manipulating other men by lying, pretending to be their friend and then basically eating them up like a lion in the wild.

    Women of course are hateful creatures who are manipulative and should be out manipulated, had sex with , used for whatever is needed and then dumped off when they no longer have value.

    I accidentally came across this blog while researching Machiavellian philosophy and how it relates to narcissistic personality disorder.

    These people are out there and they look and initially act just like everyone else. Scary isn’t it?

    As far as the lonely part. It is hard to be alone. The world is too hard to fight alone. We all need an ally.


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