PURPOSE by Mark Kagy

My_Caduceus (copy)We fall into creation,
pay tribute to our nation,
We pray for our salvation,
while working devious machinations.

To “Experience”, you must See,
is what it means to Be,
so we join humanity,
the truth is we are “Free”.

Tender compassion and a loving heart,
equal dark evil desires and intentions,
Both are necessary for the course
woven into our story.

pain and suffering are but one side,
with pleasure and opulence reflected,
all comes to balance ultimately,
and justice surely takes Her due.

nothing is forbidden,MyStar
all is Divine,
ours is only to live complete
the part we are assigned.

we are but automatons,
or else we are gods,
it matters not from what perspective,
in the end it is but ONE.

when death has come we are at rest,
no troubles, trials, or thoughts,
to blinding darkness our consciousness returns,
till by chance, we come again.

Gratefully feel All pain,
in suffering be content,
if ease and richness are your inheritance,
with awe and humility take your place.
if average and common is your life
and little you Create,
remember only that you serve
through “Experience” of your fate.

for each and every possible thought
and each True deep desire,
All are as equal, to the One,
whose knowing we Inspire.

the warrior great, and shifty vagabond,
garbage collector, and royal queen,
the common worker and scientist,
all equal in their Worth.

the schizophrenic sees beyond the veil
fearful sights and deafening voices,
the portion of reality closed to most.
from deaf mute to idiot savant
and autistic to the genius,
all see the “Plan” from angle unique.

Ultimate Experience is not complete
without Each contribution,
so honor is due in equal part
to every Angel, Being, Plant, and Rock.

Awake sleeper,Dao
know thyself
for who you are –
Divine Unity.

Mark Kagy


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