It’s Sunday! Let’s shed a little Light on a subject, shall we?

The “love of money” may be the root of all evil, but I say that the lust for power is its core. Money is the greatest tool in the arsenal of evil, with which to enforce the will of those in power, upon all humanity. Their purpose is to keep us all enslaved, docile, and under their complete control.

The Bible’s book of Revelation was the seer’s best attempt to describe their mystical, spiritual visions to others. Many visions are common for all who walk the path of Enlightenment. These visions symbolize the struggle between the Light and Dark sides of each of our personalities, and of the societies around us. One of the greatest errors of interpretation people can make, is in trying to literally apply these visions to actual events and people. These visions are timeless and apply to all ages, they are allegorical, metaphorical, figurative, but NOT literal. The Jehovah’s Witnesses take, probably, the most literal view of the Bible. How many times now have they predicted the end of the world on a specific date, and been proven wrong? The Bible even says we cannot know the exact time, but that did not stop them from trying! This stubborn tendency, common to all of us, of attempting to do anything we have been told we cannot do, is really quite funny. We are very silly humans sometimes.

For those still anxiously awaiting the coming of Armageddon, it is already happening in the heavens of your soul.  It symbolizes the internal struggle of the forces of light and dark as you wrestle your way towards Unity with God.

Over the years, my understanding of the Beast of Revelation has solidified. At its head or core stand the great banking families of the world, and the financial institutions which execute their will. The rest of the “Beast” includes governments, political systems, economic systems, police forces, the industrial-military complex and all religious authority. This may not be, and probably is not, an all-inclusive list. It is through these, that the whole of humanity is enslaved and controlled. Our heads, as a symbol of our own personal wills, have been lopped off by the “Beast”. We either play the game, and grind out a living for ourselves, earning the money which will allow us to eat; or we just take whatever we want, completely rejecting the system, and eventually get jailed, or our hand chopped off for our effort; or we starve. This is the magnitude of control that the lust for power has produced. There are millions of people who willingly and enthusiastically support this “Beast”. There are millions more who grudgingly submit to the “Beast” out of necessity, but hate the loss of control over their lives, many suffering terribly. There are yet, again, thousands, maybe millions more, who have rejected the authority of the “Beast”, and incarceration, or worse, is the price they pay for their defiance.

These systems of the “Beast” have been presented to us from birth as the highest forms of civilization and pinnacles of human achievement.  We are taught that these institutions are to be honored and obeyed, and many volunteer their lives, out of a sense of duty, to the protection and preservation of these institutions. Yet these same noble institutions have been, and are today the very same which are responsible for all humanity’s wars. Those who follow the path towards Enlightenment recognize these same Powers as the very embodiment of evil.

As one of those who seek Enlightenment, I say that the love of money and the lust for power are literally the root and core of all the evil ever committed by humanity.  They simultaneously are the Will of God as well.  “What God wants, God gets” (Roger Waters, of Pink Floyd fame).  Prove me wrong, if you can.

How’s that for a Sunday sermon!

What do you think?  Agree?  Disagree?  Bored by this thought?  Want to rant, argue, or fight?  Let me know what you think.

6 thoughts on “MY VERY OWN PROVOKING THOUGHT FOR THE DAY 05/31/2015”

  1. I’ve often said (when arguing with the hubs, haha) that it isn’t religion, faith, political affiliation, or money that is inherently “bad” – it’s power that corrupts. Unfortunately it’s nearly impossible for some to separate power from the rest….

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  2. Agreed about the government. They have too much power. They are currently violating the constitution more and more.

    Obama feels entitled to violate the constitution and can make whatever laws he wishes, overriding any protocols and procedures that all presidents are supposed to follow, in order for the “absolute power corrupts absolutely ” scenario not to come to fruition.

    Benjamin Franklin said that every few generations the people would have to do something to get the government back where it should be, which is to serve the best interest of the people.

    The people are not here to serve the government. We pay them to serve us. But every few generations it is bound to cycle back to the government becoming the way it is becoming.

    I am trying to carefully choose my wordings. Apparently the ability of the government to know all of the details of what people do and say ( and write) has increased.

    Do you read the Martin Armstrong blog?

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  3. Good post! I think that what’s needed is for the mass of humanity to become aware of the points you raise. The 1% hoard most of the wealth and power only with the consent of the rest of us. There’s a lot more of us that there are of them. When we develop enough consciousness to act collectively, the rule of the billionaire class will end.

    But the overthrow of the 1% should be done with love, not hate. The wealth and power that the 1% are addicted to isn’t making them happy. The accumulation of wealth only breeds more insecurity. My attitude toward the 1% is: “I love you too much to allow you to cling on to what you think you need.”

    To respond to your last provocative point. I agree that the extreme economic inequality in the world is “God’s will,” with the important distinction that it is with God’s “permissive” will. In other words, it doesn’t reflect God’s ultimate will, but s/he permits it for now, because s/he knows that for humanity to evolve, we need to do the work that’s needed to change the system.

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    1. Thank you for your very thoughtful reply. You have elaborated a little further, and I definitely agree with you. I believe the ultimate Will is Unity, but there are necessary “bumps” along the path. All of this is ultimately within the Will of God. I truly believe that it is impossible for anything to be outside that Will. However, just as God can be contemplated in various “parts”, so can the Will of God be considered in different aspects. As much as the injustice in the world pisses me off, I also do my best to be loving toward the actors in the play. Thanks again.


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