Why I Love Comments

I love it when people comment on one of my posts (or all of them). Of course, it is easy to see why I would like appreciation and flattery…who wouldn’t! The comments I would really like to foster and encourage are disagreements or differences of opinion with something I have written. These comments do one of two things for me. Either they tend to further cement why I feel the way I do or they offer me yet another perspective to consider, which could actually lead to me changing (updating versions of) my own opinion. These are both valuable outcomes for me. But it isn’t all about me, me, me…these comments also help other readers to reflect on their own ideas and beliefs.

Many of my posts involve serious thoughts on matters of faith, which are constantly evolving the more I learn and the wiser I become as a result of meditating on them. (some posts are just silly crap). Rather than simply accepting dogmatism, I constantly keep an open mind to what new things I can learn. What I value is the “TRUTH”, whatever it may be, and regardless of ANY established creed or religion. I would rather be uncomfortable with a difficult Truth than settle for a comfortable, but incorrect, belief system. Most people are not like that. They choose a church, club, group, or organization in which they most feel “at home”, and blindly accept whatever they are “told” is the truth. They are unwilling to put in the necessary time, thought, and soul-searching it takes to constantly continue to grow “towards” the Light of Truth. None of us has it right…we all continue to “miss the mark”, and will do so until we finally transcend this material reality and become ONE with the Ultimate Truth. Only then will we cease our sinning, when we come to finally know the “Absolute”. Very few people ever reach this state, and I need all the help I can get during “the long dark night of the soul”. That is why I like comments.

Do you have suggestions for me on how to elicit more comments? Tricks of the trade? Psychological manipulation? (well maybe not going quite that far! After all, those are the tools the established religions and governments have been using on us for centuries).

11 thoughts on “Why I Love Comments”

  1. I agree that we are all on a path. Those that seek enlightenment will continue moving and growing towards that light.

    I like to listen to Ajahn Brahm. There are talks on Youtube. He is a Buddhist monk. He is very down to earth and gives messages without being condescending. He tells very funny stories and jokes, during his talks .

    I have gotten a lot of wisdom from listening to him and also I am used to his voice now and it can relax me to sleep……usually but not last night.


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    1. Yes, all humans, and all creation for that matter are on a path towards enlightenment, even if they have no knowledge of it. We will all get there in God’s good time (which can be a little too long to suit me, but Oh well).

      I don’t usually have too much trouble sleeping, but I have a little insomnia occasionally. I can’t imagine what it must be like to regularly have trouble sleeping. Sometimes an idea will not let me rest until I get up in the middle of the night and write it down. Sometimes I get good blog material that way.

      I wish you some dreamless deep relaxing healing sleep!


  2. As far as generating comments, I think it is a combination of things.
    One has to do with the readers themselves. Some types of people are more comfortable commenting than others.

    Next it has to do with your manner in responding to comments. I have seen some bloggers ( not you) respond with curt, rude responses to their readers.

    Other bloggers do not respond at all.

    People that are shy or hesitant to comment on blogs will look through and see how you responded to other comments. If they feel safe then they will comment.

    So, positive interactions beget more comments. So, you are doing well.

    Annie ❤

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  3. I love comments as well as long as people aren’t telling me how to think or what to think. I am rather unorthodox Believer in that I believe God and not man’s religious ideologies that contradict God’s nature or His purposes for our lives. I welcome discussion that is respectful of differing opinions and constructive in revealing other perspectives. I readily admit my shortcomings and am always willing to have my thoughts challenged, keeping me in The Word!

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    1. I understand. The Internet, unfortunately, is full of people who are only too happy to tell us what to think and believe. I agree with your comments and appreciate your sharing.


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