Tarot Card 18 – The Moon – Pisces

The long journey past the final edifices marking the limits of human endeavour, into the desert of previously unexplored, unknown possibility.  The spiritual soul shall break new ground and extend the human knowledge of its Divine Self yet one step closer to Unity, before shrieking in terror, and running two steps back to hide again in the safe familiar land of what is known and understood.  Then, tentatively stepping back to that new place, to gently and carefully contemplate that which was so recently discovered, and finding it to be somehow more familiar, and less terrifying than had first been supposed.

12 thoughts on “Tarot Card 18 – The Moon – Pisces”

    1. I am not exactly sure what kind of fear you are saying scares you, I can think of several possibilities. To a person who does not know about Tarot, some of the cards do look kinda scary, but once a person understands the meanings behind the symbols, they realize there is nothing to fear. Each card tells us a truth about ourselves, and also about the Universe. The Tarot is very spiritual (but not religious).

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      1. If they she is from the religious upbringing that is similar to the one of my ex in laws, then she was taught that even touching or looking at tarot cards could bring her harm.

        The evangelical, Pentecostal people often teach their children that tarot cards and lots of other things have innate evil and call bad things to them.

        If she was brought up this way as a child, then the association of fear with the objects is imbedded and there would be an automatic amygdala response of threat.

        These things are hard to unwire once they are wired in, especially if it is done at a young age when the brain is in formative stages.

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      2. The tarot is interesting but I never learned a lot about it. I did not know that there were cards for different zodiac signs.

        My birthday is middle march so mine is Pisces, which is why I read this post. It is interesting about the pulling back out of fear. I probably do that about work related things.


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    2. A lot of people have a learned fear associated with the cards. Rewiring these thoughts takes a lot of work.

      Unless you are particular drawn to really wanting to learn about tarot cards, it is probably not worth the effort.

      If there are things that you really want to change your brain wiring about, it can be done with NLP training from someone who trained to do it .

      Otherwise you can just read his posts to see what it is about, without causing any retraumatizing to yourself. If you went through an upbringing of fear based control then there can be retraumatization by being triggered by associations.

      We had no control as children over what fears were put into us. Causing children to carry such high levels of fear is not good, but it has happened to many of us about whatever things our parents were afraid of or wanted to control us about.

      You are safe, if you are surrounded by loving people. Just stay away from controlling people who try to tell you what to feel and think. Be yourself and do what is safe for you.


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      1. There has been a terrible lot of incredible misinformation about the occult. It is one of my goals to reduce this misinformation by supplying true information. The occult is as holy and pure as any religion (probably more so) but the church “authorities” do not like the religious freedom it brings because they fear for their honored and cherished “positions”, so there have been smear campaigns on and off for centuries. There were times, especially during the Renaissance when anybody who was anyone was expected to have studied the occult spiritual principles. So, I have a big job ahead of me, but I will be relating Bible verses to various esoteric Truths to show the tremendous similarities. There is nothing either good or bad about the occult. It is simply a set of Truths about God. It is what people “choose” to do with that information which makes it good or evil. I choose the “right-hand path”, the “white magic”, the “path of return” over the evil equivalents. Indeed, most of the sainted church fathers were mystics, trained in the occult wisdom. It is a unique way of interpreting the scriptures which opens the student’s eyes and ears to see and hear the Truth about God and creation.


    3. I think that this kind of childhood wiring from how we were controlled ( possibly bordering on mental abuse) needs to be treated by a therapist that specialzes in Complex post traumatic stress related to ongoing negative childhood experiences .

      The problem is that C-PTSD is not recognized as a disorder in the DSM psychiatry manual. So some therapists do not understand what it is or how to treat it.

      You can ask them if they treat C-PTSD before you start with them.

      You can also learn NLP techniques and do them with yourself. You are intelligent enough to understand them, if you read them.

      I will find the link for you to the site I have been learning NLP from. Some of the exercises will be more useful to some people and others are more useful to other people

      I will go check my history now to give you this link. It is free courses online. They are self explanatory.


    4. http://www.planetnlp.com/
      Here is the link for you. I think you will find it very interesting.
      The following lesson is the one I really like. It is called Memory Manipulation.

      Our memories actually can lie to us because they are really shadows of sensory input that we filtered through our Meta Filters, which is to say our perception of reality at the time.


      This is only 3 pages to read and it has great exercises. The purpose of the techniques is to reduce the level of intensity of certain memories or triggers that cause emotional flashbacks.

      I will write a post about this soon. I am still in the middle of researching this but I love this site that I gave you.
      Blessings for peace of mind,
      Annie ❤


  1. Reblogged this on Gentle Kindness and commented:
    I do not have any experience with tarot cards or readings. I just found this post interesting because it is about my sign, Pisces and has some accurate realities to it.

    It brings up an issue that I have, that I usually prefer to be in denial about. This post bring the issue to my consciousness which kind of pisses me off because I do not want to have this issue.

    But better to confront these things than to reject them or deny them. I was listening to an Ajahn Brahm talk on Youtube and I highly recommend listening to any talks by him.

    In the talk he was speaking about what happens when we reject, ignore or hate things about ourselves. What we fight becomes stronger because it fights back.

    In martial arts I learned that when you push someone they reflexively push back . That is what martial arts people know to use against the attacker. If you push them, they push back which offbalances them towards your direction. Then you can cause them to continue in that direction because they already pu their own energy that way. You continue their own energy, sending them to the floor.

    So the fighter ends up on the floor, where they have no control or power.

    Ajahn Brahm, a buddhist monk, who tells great stories and is really rather funny, says that we must embrace the things that we have within us and care for them. If it something you do not want to have then you care for it, heal it, and make it better.

    Kind of like caring for a sick child. Think of that quality that you do not like…..perhaps fear… and care for that part of you that is fearful. Treat it as a sick child and hold it and comfort it.

    This is how to heal yourself, rather than hating yourself, hating things about yourself, or shoving them down, burying them, denying them.

    As the old joke says….Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt. LOL I love that joke. If you read my blog, you very likely heard me tell that one before.

    Blessing to all,
    Now I must work on my fear of the unfamiliar and the tendency to retreat to the familiar because I cannot get anywhere that way.

    Spartan Life Coach on YouTube talks about the brain wanting to keep us safe from physical harm, but not guiding us towards happiness. He says that the primitive parts of the human brain are wired to search out danger in order to identify where the danger lies.

    When the brain perceives danger it forces you to feel that you must stay away from it. But while the brain is expending so much energy looking for danger, it does not look for possibilities for changes towards happiness.

    We have to make our brain focus off of the threats and onto what we want to move towards , which is growth, peace, and good things.


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    1. Thank you for reblogging my post. I am glad (even if you’re not) it touched you in some way. The Tarot presents ancient wisdom about both God, and ourselves in symbols. I was meditating on this card, and what you see is the result. It ties in with the esoteric symbolism of “The Moon”. Fear of change (even good change) is one of the most common fears we humans have, and one of the fears that keeps us from progressing. Once we overcome it, we usually find that what we pictured in our minds is a whole lot worse than the reality. We create problems and “monsters” where there are none many times. Of course, sometimes things go astray, but we cannot let the bad experiences paralyze us from trying. That is how we learn and grow. Thanks for your comment! Mark

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