Alright, I Cry, OK?

I am a man of the 21st century, and of the Aquarian age. So, what, you ask?  So….I am one of the emotionally available men who sometimes cries at movies. Well, a lot of the time…OK, dammit, most of the time. There, are you happy, you got me to publically admit that I bawl like a freakin’ baby!

In this screwed-up society we live in, it is frowned upon and considered a weakness in men for them to express their emotions unless it is a “manly” emotion such as anger. Violence is built in to the fabric of our society. Although, in my lifetime I have thankfully seen many of the idiotic ways of society begin to change for the better, there is still so very far to go. The emotional availability which allows a man to cry at movies (or anytime) is actually a strength, not a weakness. Many of us were taught as children that men should not show their emotions in public, or ever.  I am afraid that an inability to share their feelings and emotions has damaged more than a few marriages.

Unfortunately, many men, and some women, still have the emotional IQ of a peanut!

When I cry at movies, it is NOT usually the tragic parts that get to me. I cry when I see great beauty expressed on film. That beauty can come in many forms like nobility, honor, extreme vulnerability, or yes, even sadness. I will discuss a few of the movies that really do it for me.

First, “Tears of the Sun”, where Lt. A.K. Waters (Bruce Willis), at the end of the movie, is being thanked by a Nigerian woman for ignoring his orders, and instead saves a group of civilian people from “ethnic cleansing”, including the young king who is the true heir to the role being stolen by political power-seekers. The beauty of choosing right over wrong, at extreme personal cost, is something that makes my heart cheer for joy, and my eyes melt like the wicked witch in the “Wizard of Oz” (another movie which also makes me cry).

Then there is the movie, “Meet Joe Black” (spoiler alert!). Bill Parrish (Anthony Hopkins), a rich and successful businessman, finds that he is going to die at the end of his 65th birthday party, and he is thinking about what his life, friends, and family have meant to him. Unlike many of the greedy and self-absorbed rich bastards, he has held on to his high standard, and kept his great honor. Towards the end of the movie, his daughter, excellently played by Claire Forlani, realizes that she is about to lose her father forever. Even though nothing about death is ever said between them, the daughter gives her father an incredibly fond farewell. The beauty of the immense love and respect between father and daughter is so compelling and heartwrenching that any sensitive person will be brought to tears.

And who can NOT cry during the magnificent “The Lord of the Rings” movies. The first movie, ” The Fellowship of the Ring”, where Sam risks drowning rather than being separated from his Frodo, and gives a little speech about not being forced to abandon Frodo after giving his word to watch over him and stay by his side, exhibits the beauty of loyalty and friendship. This is just one of several places in the trilogy of movies where I break down, and can no longer hold back the torrent of emotional tears.

The best place comes at the end of “The Return of the King”. The beauty of humility meets the beauty of personal courage and sacrifice in a combination which tears my heart wide open. It is the point at which Aragorn, the newly crowned king, humbles himself to bow down to the courage, honor, and self-sacrifice of the common little Hobbits, which makes all the difference in the horrendous fight between….?……you guessed it, good and evil, again, always. I can’t even write about this part without crying, which is currently wetting my keyboard.

Yes, it is the beauty of nobility, honor, sacrifice, and love which bring me to tears in very many movies. If anyone wants to brand me as being weak because of that, well fuck’em. At least I am capable of expressing MY feelings, and I am not emotionally repressed or unavailable. So there you have it, my confession of the day.

32 thoughts on “Alright, I Cry, OK?”

  1. I love the fact that men cry….my husband is an ole softy too, we have had good cries together over many things…both sad and happy.LOL I wish more men would show there emotion and leave the machismo at the door, they would make for a better person….

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    1. Thank you for the great comment. I do believe that if all men were more sensitive, we would not have all these wars. Aggression, greed, competitiveness, cruelty, and just downright meanness all feed into these wars. It is so stupid to kill off part of ourselves. Mark


  2. Regardless of hormone levels, we have the ability to make choices. Hormones don’t control everything. There was a time when I did not have the ability to cry, believe it or not. I asked God to give me that ability, and He did. Every human has both masculine and feminine characteristics in their personality makeup. Some of the imbalance is due to society, upbringing, and peer pressure, but we can always strive to rebalance ourselves any way we see fit. In the end, it comes down to choices, how we choose to balance our personalities. It can overcome the effects of hormones to a large degree. I think many men are actually proud to be called “pigs”. Mark


  3. I’m not a logical crier. Someone died? I shrug and go “that sucks.” Sad movie? I’m looking for gum. But spill a glass of water, or dinner doesn’t come out right, and I have to dive into the pantry and eat my feelings to keep from bawling.

    In high school I went to the movies with a marine. We saw Beaches and he cried. I laughed at him. I AM A TERRIBLE PERSON. Except then he had an explosive anger meltdown when his windshield wipers wouldn’t stop squeaking so HE TOTALLY DESERVED IT.

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    1. I really enjoyed your comment! Do I detect a bit of a “dark side” to your personality? People don’t all find the same thingsto be funny, so I guess it makes sense that we find different things to cry about. Thanks, Mark

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      1. Hmmm…I just finished reading and liking a couple more of your posts. I believe I have truly discovered your “inner snark”. Now, everyone has to be the best at something, and I thought I was doing one helluva job being snarky in my posts. Now I read a couple of yours, and I feel like a beginner. Damn, now I will need to step up my game. Maybe I just need to give up and choose something else to be the best at. But I have no idea what that might be. I thought I was just beginning to make some headway in overcoming my negative mood, but now it’s back to “Disillusionment Central” for me. Dammit. 8^b


  4. I like sensitive guys..I remember going on a date once with this fellow and we went to see Titanic in the theatres. The opening bars of music had just started and he was crying full-bore! Adorable!

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    1. Oh, thank you so much! It is nice to know that you do not think it looks silly to see a man cry at a movie. I want to let myself be emotional, but at the same time, especially on a date, I would hate to appear silly, or look like a wuss to my date!


    1. Thanks so much for commenting. You must realize that I have recorded over 800 movies. If our tastes differ, that’s great too! Now, if you are into biographical movies, History Channel, or National Geographic Channel then our tastes are probably quite different! Although I do like some of the NatGeo stuff too! 8*)

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      1. I am more of a romantic comedy or drama kinda gal. Sci-fi / fantasy…not my cup of tea. In a movie mood tonight. Suggest one?

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      2. “Boy Meets Girl”!!!! “Benny & Joon” fabulous! “Black Swan” (really dark mood), “Before Sunrise”/”After Sunset”(I think, not positive on the second name though. “Hachi, A Dog’s Tale” heartbreaking. “Hidalgo”,,,,……Aaaaaaaa….there’s just sooo many#!!!!!’!!!’/\\_=/\€€&…meltdown, system rebooting…


    1. Thank you for your support. It is a long and hard process to change how society thinks about things, but many things need to change in order for the majority to see that we are all one being, and to harm one person is to harm ourself. Then we will start to become a race living in harmony with each other and with nature.

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  5. … even men are allowed to cry for you to show only that you also feel.
    …auch Männer dürfen weinen, Sie zeigen damit nur das Sie auch Gefühl haben.
    Love greeting from Lis

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