Refuting Anti-Abortion Talking Points: Part #2

I do not necessarily agree with all the points presented in this article, but believe it is a good representation of my own views.

The Progressive Cynic

This article is the second part of my “Refuting Anti-Abortion Talking Points” article–you can read the first part at the following link:

  • “Abortion is needlessly cruel because adoption is a much better option.”

First and foremost, a pregnancy is a massive disruption in the life of a woman and can have significant health consequences. Because of this, abortion serves to not only preventing the birth of an unwanted child, but also to prevent a woman from having her entire life upended by 9 months of pregnancy.


…and these are just the non-severe consequences of a healthy pregnancy.

Women who get pregnant can be forced to leave their jobs, despite already having children and not being able to afford taking that time off. In the absence of strong maternity leave mandates in the USA, it is simple a non-starter to argue that abortion can simply be replaced with adoptions.


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2 thoughts on “Refuting Anti-Abortion Talking Points: Part #2”

  1. I’ve just browsed through the 4 parts of your series on the talking points of abortion and will go back to read more carefully. Kudos on a job well done, and personally I thank you for giving your time and effort. This seems to be a more and more talked about subject. I was internally prompted to write down some thoughts myself. While yours are grounded in facts and thus can be used and appreciated by everyone mine is grounded in the personal which may or may not have any impact on readers. I used to think my story was rare. Unfortunately it isn’t as rare as people would like to think.
    Use it if you like, okay if you don’t. Trying to expand a broader understanding of the possible far-reaching consequences for some.

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