Refuting Anti-Abortion Talking Points Part #3

I do not necessarily agree with all the points presented in this article, but believe it is a good representation of my own views.

The Progressive Cynic

This is Part #3 of my Refuting Anti-Abortion Talking Points series. Today, I have only released one argument instead of two, as this one is fairly long and I have also posted an article (unsurprisingly, the news doesn’t stand still for long articles). 

  • “Legalizing abortion has caused Americans to devalue life and increased the prevalence of more immoral acts, like divorce, mass shootings, and single-parenthood.”

This argument is most commonly held by right wing religious activists and is completely unsupported by the facts.

Put simply, there is no evidence that accepting abortion is in any way correlated with immorality or the devaluation of human life. In fact, people who support abortion rights tend to be less likely to support policies that devalue the lives of humans who are actually born than supposedly pro-life idealists. Here are a few examples of this:

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