Refuting Anti-Abortion Talking Points Part #4

I do not necessarily agree with all the points presented in this article, but believe it is a good representation of my own views.

The Progressive Cynic

This is part #4 of my Refuting Anti-Abortion Talking Points series. For the previous three parts you can follow the following links: Part #1, Part #2, Part#3

  • “Abortions cause mental, emotional, and physical health problems in women who get them.”

While these claims may sound plausible, they are simply not supported by the facts. Studies have regularly debunked each of these claims and have, in fact, found that an abortion is actually less likely to have negative health consequences on the mother than a natural birth.

First, the assertion that abortion will lead to negative physical health consequences—most commonly sterility, breast/uterine cancer, or even death due to medical error—is simply false. These are myths created by the anti-choice movement to use as scare tactics and have been debunked by reputable sources. Unfortunately, they are extremely common in so called “crisis pregnancy centers” that many states have required…

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