Levels of Delusion

Two levels of delusion all humans share in common, whether aware of it or not, care or not, or believe it or not, get in the way of a relationship to, or identity with the Divine Being.  This Being is generally known as “God”, and by many other names. Before I get into the what these levels of delusion are, I have a short preface to that discussion.

1 Corinthians 13:12 American Standard Version (ASV)

12 For now we see in a mirror, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know fully even as also I was fully known.

First off, the understanding of the concept of the “devil” in many modern religions, and the minds of many humans, is incorrect.  The “devil” is not a “personality” as many theologians postulate (I will not apologize for this statement, those who believe this are simply wrong, because I say so…lol).  The devil, or Satan, is an idea or concept which is synonymous with the “veil”, the “fall”, original sin, delusion, or the idea of somehow being separate from God. In short, “it” is anything, real or imagined, that gets in the way of direct, conscious apprehension and experience of total oneness, and unity with the Divine.  This “devil” is the “thing” which deceives minds, and senses (the liar, the great deceiver), and is the very thing within all human minds which they are to constantly strive to overcome (according to the various scriptures),  If a person sees this “Satan” as a separate personality, somehow externally able to tempt and force people to do bad things, rather than an idea within their own minds, they are already lost in hopeless error of any proper understanding of many “scriptures” of many world religions.  This misunderstanding leads to all kinds of religious factions, silly rules, division, arguments, fights, and even murder, crusades, and jihads. Just a little delusion goes a long way in corrupting minds.

With that said…on to the heart of the matter.

People who are non-religious, or nominally religious, may have no idea that God exists at all.  Many nominally religious perceive God as a being which is totally separate from themselves, completely outside themselves, may even take no notice of their inconsequential lives.  They have no direct experience of that Being, outside of the intellectual belief that that being exists, or MAY exist. This is the most basic level of delusion (to be overcome).

The more mystically inclined people may apprehend that there exists a constant, direct connection with the Godhead.  They realize intellectually, if not in any actual, conscious experience, that there is always this connection, whether they feel, or perceive it, or not.  No matter the perceived circumstances, God is always with them, and completely connected to them (God is in me, and I am in God).  This is (possibly) the second level of delusion (to be overcome).

The problem is with the concept of “connection”.  The idea of connection “implies” that there are TWO things which are connected.  Rather than a “connection”, there is an actual “identity” with God.  People, the Universe, and God are all One, a Divine Unity, the “same”.  No matter what people perceive with their senses, there does not exist any actual separation, division or difference between humans, the physical universe, and the Divine Being.  All are One.

Overcome these two levels of delusion, and one will have (according to the various scriptures and teachings) the direct, conscious apprehension of the Divine.  (I personally perceive this intellectually, imperfectly, and look forward to the actual, direct experience, hopefully in this incarnation).

There are many words related to, and imperfectly describing, this experience: bliss, heaven (on earth), the new Jerusalem, kingdom come, awakening, ecstasy, happiness, joy, paradise (lost to the “fall”), peace, serenity, tranquility, oblivion, immortality, life everlasting, the pearly gates, eternity, nirvana, Eden, Elysium (Elysian Fields), enlightenment, Shangri-la, the promised land, glory, rapture, nothingness, Zion, peace (on earth), the “void”, Abraham’s bosom, happy hunting ground, communion, eternal rest, the great unknown, the abyss, satori, waters of oblivion, utopia, samadhi, nothingness…

Understanding that this epiphany or revelation is the key concept, and goal, of most of the major religions of the world, past and present – goes a long way in allowing one to properly understand many of the religious texts in their originally intended context.  Many misunderstandings arise from the incorrect apprehension of the various “scriptures”.  Look at the “mess” of religions we have today (especially so called right-wing, radical).  And yet, at the heart of them ALL, is this same, identical goal and idea of experiencing directly, and consciously, Oneness with God (whatever you call It).

These are the two levels of delusion that I personally perceive separate us from true Unity.  Quite possibly you have a different view (I could pretty safely bet on it).  That is just as it should be.  I hope this little blog is helpful to someone out there, no matter your religion, or lack thereof.

4 thoughts on “Levels of Delusion”

  1. I wish there were a LOVE button – I really love this blog piece and would like permission from you to share it with others. May I?

    My own journey toward Grace started when I was very young.
    I was raised in one of those right-wing radical “Christian” denominations. When I left home at 17 I left that church but my True Spiritual Journey began. I longed for Spiritual Community and Connection. I have been blessed to have experienced the “bliss” I was seeking – also the unconditional Love and Acceptance I sought on more than one occasion.

    Thank you so much for writing your own personal ideas, thoughts and feelings.

    Anne Wing, Rockland, ME

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    1. Anne, thank you so much for your lovely comments. Share as much as you want, that is how the word gets out. My personal spirituality is very accepting of most religious views, regardless of religion. Having grown up in a very liberal Christian denomination, I took to heart the aspects of what Jesus said strongly, such as having forgiveness, love and charity for all humans, regardless of who they are, or what they believe. I believe Jesus was a reformer trying to change the barbarous view of the old testament which dictated harsh penalties for things that today we would not even consider imposing (thank God). At that time, Jesus could not be overly vocal, because to do so would incur the wrath of the establishment (priests and scribes). This, in fact is exactly what eventually happened, and they killed him for it. When Jesus said to love EVEN your enemies and do good to those who persecute you, and to obey those who have authority over you (our governments) those are things I try to live by, I focus more on those ideas than on the strict legalistic laws of the old testament. There was a time and place for those harsh laws, but we have moved past the need for that kind of law, into a time for love, acceptance, compassion for all, and just penalties for “crimes” which are geared towards teaching and restoring the offender, rather than taking their life. Of course, keep in mind that they did not have all the high security prisons back then in which to incarcerate millions of people, so in many cases, it was easier to just eliminate them.

      Anyway, I believe in Unity for all, respect for the planet which sustains us, acceptance, compassion, and love for all, not just for people, but for this entire, glorious universe we live in. Thanks again for your comments.

      Mark Kagy

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      1. Where is the LOVE button?!?!
        My first inclination is to wish I’d grown up in a loving liberal Christian denomination BUT then I would not have learned all the powerful lessons I have learned, and I might not love myself or others in the deep way I do today. YES, Jesus love and acceptance are the very characteristics I strive to incorporate daily into my own life. The church I was raised in called themselves – non-denominational while they practiced the strictest harshness of the far radical religious right. My tiny heart and soul suffered greatly because I believed everything I was taught. My Search for loving connection was long and often pain-filled and despairing. Fortunately I’ve had the examples of dear friends who were raised similarly as I but who were able to sort out the truth for themselves and believe in Love and Acceptance. Because of them and the pair of elderly sweet sisters who I encountered at a tender age who taught Jesus as Love I survived all of that.
        I am so glad you openly share your loving kindness beliefs – there are so many who still suffer from the tyrannies of following the harsher way.
        Anne Wing from Rockland, Maine

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  2. During college, I went through a lot of different Christian denominations. Luckily I came out on the other side with a greater understanding which surpasses most of the standard Christian doctrines. If we are truly moving toward balance and perfection in Christ, then we need to act like Him. War needs to end. Judgement of others needs to be greatly tempered and we need to start serving each other. These things Jesus stated very clearly, not in parable. It amazes me just how many eyes and ears are closed within Christianity to the simplest of truths!


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