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I have a very diverse background, and eclectic interests.  I have worked as a telecom engineer for many years, so I am foremost, a techie.  I have also worked at a residential home for people with severe mental illnesses.  I have also been a truck driver, customer service rep, repair technician, shoe salesperson, and nurse’s aide. How’s that for variety!

Personality wise, I am very compassionate, respectful, gentle, honest, and a good listener.  I believe all people should be equally valued, and treated with respect.  The wealthy, powerful, and/or beautiful people seem to get a lot of attention, if not always respect, and have many resources at their disposal.  The old, fat, ugly, and/or non-conformist crowd are at the least ignored, if not actively ushered into out-of-the-way places, where they can not so easily be an embarrassment to the first.  These last are the ones who struggle against ridicule, make themselves as “invisible” as they can to those who would bully and take advantage of them by force, and are they who would strive their entire lives just for the necessities of life, and maybe a few little luxuries now and then, if they are lucky enough, or work hard enough to get them.  As a member of the second crowd, I sympathize and empathize with those who have had it rough.  I also do my best to see the good in all life, and respect, rather than envy or despise, the ones who are blessed enough to hold the wealth, wield the power, or enjoy the attention and fame of celebrity.  I love all life, plants, animals, the planet, and the wondrous universe.  I have been chosen to care for two beautiful, and very lazy, kitty cats.  I even do my best to try to love insects, even wasps, hornets, and other creepy-crawlies.  That’s who I am, or at least aspire to be.


I like Sci-Fi, love progressive rock music, and enjoy conversation about off-beat or esoteric subjects.

I am out of work now, due to medical reasons.  (If you really want to know, the doctors have diagnosed me with Multifocal Acquired Motor Axonopathy, MAMA for short, a sub-type of Multifocal Motor Neuropathy, MMN.  And also, Progressive Muscular Atrophy, PMA.  Now aren’t you glad you didn’t ask?)  I have damage to my motor nerves so that I have lost most of the use of my left hand and arm. Also my right leg is particularly weak, and my sense of balance is way off. So, sometimes I fall down and have a difficult time getting back up again. The nerve damage has also caused muscle atrophy, my left hand/arm being the worst. As an added side effect, I am usually terribly fatigued, and often feel weak and shaky.  I always have a healthy dose of pain, most everywhere, but that is not the worst with which I struggle.  So, I have good days and bad days. On a good day I can get out and take care of myself as far as daily activities are concerned, even though I often use a cane for balance. On a bad day I cannot bring myself to leave the house, and sit on the couch in my man-cave all day long.  I am now receiving Social Security disability as my source of income since I can no longer work a steady job.  You may wonder why I am putting all this in my introduction.  Well, I have had to explain all this many times to friends and people I meet, so I find it easier to place it here, to answer a few of the most popular questions normally addressed to me by new acquaintances.

Now, even though I often am not very active, I still get lonely…So… I am always interested in meeting people, especially female, near me who have unusual interests, or like to talk about interesting or offbeat subjects. I especially like women who love to curl up on the couch, snuggle, and watch a movie! I am very laid-back, relaxed, and affectionate.

I also own a KORG N364 music workstation. I have never taken piano lessons, but I love playing with synthesizers.  It does not get as much use these days, as most of my time is spent on the computer.

I am a hermit by nature, probably because I am a Virgo, which is related to the Hermit Tarot card.  I love staying indoors in my “man-cave” with my computer, TV, and air conditioning. Where are all the women who are homebodies, who like to stay home and cuddle on the couch with a good movie, and good snacks (maybe desert too)?

Don’t get me wrong, I can be persuaded to go out to dinner, movies, or other activities. It is much more fun with the right person.  Will I ever find such a person?  Are you maybe the one who can give me a good reason to leave my cave?  I am still being hopeful that someone suitable will come along before I am too old to enjoy the company.

In addition to seeking a companion to share life with, I am also seeking to expand my network of open-minded, spiritual people. I believe we can best improve the world by improving ourselves first. If you are on the path towards enlightenment, feel free to join me on the journey!


23 thoughts on “About”

  1. thanks very much for following my post and glad that you are going to get in that very large pool and swim and perhaps meet a girlfriend… I love swimming and it has been warm enough unusually for me to do so every day since the first week in May instead of the last week of June.. I am sure that we will pay for it with a horrendous winter.. still live every day at a time.. good to meet you Bear..

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      1. LoL..that is a sweet thing to say.
        I write for the Kindness blog from time to time. They love my sweet stories from the nursing home.

        I will write a post later with some links to my kindness blog stories.

        I have not given them any offerings lately but I am planning to write something for them soon .

        It is nice to be published on there because their readers love those sweet stories and they send me nice comments.

        Annie ❤

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  2. Did you teach yourself to play on the synthesizer keyboard?
    I am a guitarist / singer. I can send you a link, but you can also find my YouTube Channel by typing in Annie Mimi Hall.

    I have different kinds of videos on there. I have a few of myself playing and singing . You can look for Proud Mary cover, Blue Suede Shoes cover and All Along the Watchtower.
    Those are the ones I remember uploading off the top of my head.

    I also am working on guitar instructional videos , in order to show them to potential students. That is why you will see some of those.

    The other videos are talking videos to help people who are in the aftermath or in the midst of an abusive relationship. You can ignore those, unless you are interested for some reason.

    Let me know if you watch any of my songs. It is nice to talk to you. What have you worked on with your music?

    Annie >3

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    1. I taught myself to play rhythm guitar and piano, but I was much better at guitar. I have to slow the timing way down to do a decent job on the keyboard (cheating). I just like playing with all the unique sounds you can make. Now that I have so much nerve damage in my left hand, I can no longer play guitar, and can only do pretty simple stuff on the keyboard with one hand. So when I say “playing around”, I really mean it, nothing serious. I will watch some of your songs, but I am interested in the bipolar and other mental disorder vlogs and blogs. I worked as a social worker in mental health for 6 years in a group home. I loved being around the clients and have a lot of understanding and compassion for all who struggle with these issues. Always fascinated by the human mind and always willing to learn more.

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      1. I am sorry you have lost so much function in your left hand. I am glad you are still able to play around a bit with the keyboard.

        I have done extensive work with dementia patients. Music is a magical thing sometimes with them. I often used to sing to patients for various reasons and it had different effects.

        I used to sing to them when I tucked them into bed at night. They loved it when I included their name into the song.

        I would sing something like “Good Night Ladies” but I would sing “good night Lorraine, good night Lorraine, good night Lorainne…..it’s time to rest your head.”

        I used songs to help some of them walk more evenly, if they had an unbalanced gait.

        I had it happen more than once that a patient who could not put words together to form a sentence, could sing the chorus to the songs with me.

        I remember Lorainne, who hardly ever spoke and never put sentences together…she sang with me all the words to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…..but Then she said to me “what are we going to do next?”

        Amazing and I had tears in my eyes. I love working with them.

        I also like doing hospice work. I have played my guitar at bedside while someone was dying before. Once I played my flute very gently and soothingly. The family was all gathered around the bed with me.

        The patient was very calmed by the flute All of the family hugged me and thanked me with tears. It was a magical moment.

        Annie ❤

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  3. Thanks so much for following my blog, and for showing me the way to yours. I’m looking forward to reading more. I love what you wrote above – we really need to get rid of the violence and hatred. Getting them off the news would be a great start!

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