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Hi there…Happy Saturday.

I find myself bothered this week by a trend I have been seeing in both politics and YouTube videos. Yes, it isn’t new, and maybe it has something to do with the particular videos I have been watching (my bad). It bothers me nonetheless (who even uses “nonetheless” anymore).

I have seen a constant barrage of hate, anger, judgement, and disparagement of others…maybe because I watched the Republican National Convention this week, hmmm? I partly blame the “media” for what they purposely choose to present to the public, but why do they choose only negative issues to present? You would think that there were no positive stories anywhere in the world.

Of course, since money is the ONLY driving factor in business, then they choose whatever sells to the public, which happens to be lots of violence. The public seems to really like fighting because of its sensationalism. This is even more worrying. Why does the public want to concentrate on death, anger, and struggle? Maybe because people are angry, frustrated, and desperate for anything to deflect their attention from their own problems? This is enough to bother anyone who gives a moment’s thought to what is going on.

I am also finding that many of the YouTube videos that gain the most views include those which make fun of other YouTube video creators, demean them, and point out the (perceived) stupidity in them. The inspirational ones are not nearly so popular because they are not as sensationalistic. OK, I said this was not a new phenomenon. It has been happening for a long time. Maybe that is ONE reason why our society remains filled with violence…don’t you think, maybe?

Whatever we all focus our attention on, feeds into the collective subconscious, and affects the mood of those around us, the country, and the world. This constant focus on negativity makes it truly difficult on those who wish to encourage peace, love, and the celebration of our beautiful diversity, to make the world a better place. As we have just entered the Aquarian age, a time when all humanity will eventually come together in peace and harmony, we see increased resistance to the change. I have a feeling it will get a lot worse before it gets better. Change never comes easy, even when it is change for the benefit of everyone.

Well…here’s to hoping for more positive vibes! But I remain bothered…for now…

A Message to Fundamentalist Christian Conservative Racist Sexist Homophobic Murderous Bastards

There has, most definitely, been, and still IS, a problem of racism (and other ‘isms) which pervades every facet of our society. I had not realized just how much racism and hate still existed until all the publicized police shootings, and associated rallies by hate groups, such as the KKK. I am beginning to see that it is much greater than the “news media” has been portraying to us for a very long time. It is one thing for citizens to privately harbor racist (and other hateful) beliefs, and keep their opinions to themselves.   It is another thing when it affects others negatively, such as causing the deaths of innocent citizens. It is unfortunate that some people continue to hate their own brothers and sisters, BUT in order to have freedom of thought and speech for all, they must be allowed to hold whatever beliefs, even hateful ones, they choose to hold. Other than educating younger generations to be tolerant, and see all people equally, I know of no way to change the racist (and other hateful) views of those who hold them. People are simply going to believe whatever the fuck they choose to believe.

Racism in our societies institutions, however, particularly our police forces at this time, IS something that can be changed, desperately needs to change, and needs to change yesterday!

I do not personally have many specific answers, but I support equality, and I support change. There ARE people and politicians who DO have some answers. What I want to address here today, is an issue whose history and current reality I can understand, but whose ideological basis, and the blind adherence to this basis is something I simply cannot fathom. I am specifically referring to the fundamentalist Christian religion, out of which so many of our racist, sexist, and anti-LGBT conservative politicians have come, and there still remain. How can the fundamentalist Christian religion have failed so miserably at teaching the true messages of Christ, especially when the main principles of LOVE are presented in the Bible SO literally, with no room for misinterpretation? This I cannot fathom.

Must I again remind Christians of the Greatest of the laws of God, those of loving the Lord your God with all your heart and soul, and loving your neighbor as yourself (Matthew 22:37-40, Mark 12:29-31)? If you were loving your Black and LGBT brothers and sisters as though they were YOU, you could not possibly spew the hateful thoughts that self-identified, fundamentalist Christian conservative politicians have been publically vomiting on the nation. If that is not clear enough for you, how about Jesus’ command to love even your enemies (Matthew 5:43-48, Luke 6:27-36)? How much more literal and clear do you need it to be to see just how hatefully wrong your thought processes have become?! As you judge these fellow human beings, you shall equally be judged, and that judgment shall be every bit as harsh as your own judgments (Matthew 7:1-5, Luke 6:37-38). If you actually consider Blacks, LGBT folks, and others to be your enemies, then how is it loving towards them to murder them in cold blood? How can you continue to support the terrible crimes that are occurring, and actually support the murder of unarmed citizens by beatings and shootings, and the choking out of life, even in some cases where they are already confined to jail, or are offering NO resistance other than to beg for their lives? How ANY Christian could possibly think that just because the Bible (Old Testament) condemns certain things, that it is OK to lynch, beat, and otherwise murder human beings who you are commanded to love, and whose “sin” (according to those “Old” Testament scriptures) is one of those which was condemned? How does the condemnation of certain ACTS give you the “New” Testament right to execute PEOPLE, “human beings”, whose very inner nature, created By God, just happens to associate them with “sins” condemned by the Old Testament? Blacks are never condemned in the Bible, but that does not stop the supposedly “Christian” white supremacists from killing them, or supporting others, like racist police officers, to do the killing. I just don’t get how people brought up on the Bible in Christian churches can justify such beliefs and actions.  They are most definitely “sick” and in dire need of a “doctor” (Mark 2:17).

There are SO many theological reasons why this hate-filled interpretation is FULL of error and evil. I simply do not have the time, or energy to address them in detail. It is a great error to attempt to interpret MOST of the scriptures “literally” because their writers never meant for them to be taken that way at all! Jesus was a reformer. He made every attempt to CHANGE peoples’ views of the “Law” to something new, better, and more loving, and yet balance those attempts with wisdom and care not to incur the wrath of the religious authorities too much until the appointed time for his public execution by those same religious authorities! We have the same situation today, where fundamentalist Christian authorities are using “strict” interpretation to denounce certain categories of humans, and are totally ignoring the “spirit of the law” that Jesus tried his best to convey in his short lifetime.  They CLAIM to be Christians, but their “frothing at the mouth” behaviors to see human beings killed is more in line with Satanic doctrines!  They practice the exact opposite of what they preach.

They are also ignoring the fact that Paul wrote about some things being sinful for one person, but not for another by using the example of meat sacrificed to idols (1 Corinthians 10:27-29).  The lesson being taught is one of Christian “freedom” which also applies to other (Old Testament) laws as well.  As the planet continues to evolve (by God’s design, and scientific support), and human spiritual understanding evolves to higher levels, the letter of the Law actually changes with the times, cultures and with societies (Oh, I’m goin’ to get a lot of flack for that one). If our civil authorities (which Jesus “clearly” stated we are to OBEY, 1 Peter 2:13-17, Matthew 22:17-21, Mark 12:14-17) have decided that Blacks are equal to Whites, and LGBT people are free to get married, women are equal to men, etc…then their decisions should have the weight of God’s authority and scripture to Christians. It is always permitted to disagree, and attempt to change our leaders’ views, but while the rulings stand, we are commanded to respect and obey them (unless they are SO obviously wrong that one has to resort to civil disobedience to keep from doing what is evil, like killing innocent people). So, you supposedly Christian conservatives…quit harming and killing anyone!!!!! Stop ALL evil wars (and they ALL are evil), fix the police system, and quit using your false religious views from harming ANY human being!

If you truly had any fricken’ idea what and who God really IS, you would instantly understand how evil and wrong your interpretations of scripture ARE!! Grow up and join the rest of enlightened humanity whose views are putting your barbaric and ancient ones to shame. It should not be this hard for you to understand that killing ANY human being is wrong, and NOT God’s plan, ever since Jesus instituted mercy, love, and forgiveness over the stark letter of the outdated Old Testament Law. Those laws were there, FOR THE TIME AND CULTURE FOR WHICH THEY WERE WRITTEN, to teach some sense of right and wrong to THAT society.  The principle of Christian freedom teaches us that once the Law is written on our hearts, there is no longer a need for the written law (that’s taught in both the Old and New Testament, Jeremiah 31:31-34, Hebrews 10:14-18), and the NEW law is the law of Love, not murder.

How much more plainly and literally could the scriptures, and my post, be? STOP YOUR EVIL HATRED OF HUMANS! Give it up! It violates the will of God, and you are guilty of SIN. You are the ones that need to learn your lessons in Spirituality and Godliness, because the progressive Christian elements have got it right, and are trying to show you the way. But you, just like the ancient Jews, are stubborn and stiff-necked, and will probably take your hate with you to your graves. It is a good thing that your idea of hell is a fairy tale, concocted by “political humans” to control the masses by fear, and was never taught by God. Otherwise, if I still believed the lies, I would tell you all to go to hell! But I say this with love for you (believe it, or not), and the hope that, in your lifetime, you will come to know the great love of your Father. Once that happens, all hatred of others will become the most repugnant thing to you, and you will realize your error, and join with all the Christians who have continued to grow, evolve, and progress towards the perfection taught by Paul the Apostle (Philippians 1:6). You will leave your “Dark Ages” mentality, and join the human society of the 21st century.

This all gives a clear example of the relationship between conservative and reactionary thinking. Stop holding on to the violent PAST. The new age of Aquarian Peace and Unity is dawning upon us. Open your eyes and ears to its light and music!!!

Heresy and Modern Spirituality

It’s Sunday, a good day for a religious, or spiritual, discussion.

I just happened to be reading a web page entitled:

“What are Sabellianism, Modalism, and Monarchianism?”



If you have a theological or philosophical streak in your personality, you might find this short discussion very interesting (at least I hope SOMEONE does). Now just what does all this have to do with Modern Spirituality? Well, I’ll get to that in a minute (or so, depending on how fast you read). What I am calling “Modern Spirituality” is an emerging tendency of many people today to describe themselves as “spiritual, but not religious”, distancing themselves from organized religions. More on that shortly.

My own personal understanding of the Trinity, from a Christian upbringing and perspective, was that a.) There is only ONE God, and b.) that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were three ways in which the One God expressed different aspects, modes, or roles of Itself, but that the three were intimately a part of the One Whole. That was about as good an understanding of the Trinity as I gained through discussions with various pastors of liberal denominations of Christian churches throughout the years. These denominations all considered themselves to be part of “Orthodox Christianity”.  Now, I always considered that this view of mine matched up pretty well with what I read in the Bible, and I thought I had a pretty good handle on it. Guess I was wrong.

In comparing this (maybe somewhat naive) view with the discussion on the web page, my understanding seems to most closely match with the description of the Modalistic Monarchianism / Modalism / Sabellianism / Patripassianism view, which is considered HERESY. Hmmm, I always thought I was a little heretical – guess I was right. According to this web page discussion, my problem is that I need to see the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as three SEPARATE personalities, which taken together, comprise the One God, rather than being three different expressions/modes/roles of the One God. Hmmm, now hold on a minute here… Now maybe my mind just isn’t keen enough, but I really do not see much of any difference or fine distinction between the Orthodox Christian view, and my own. It seems to me to be more of a semantic difference in language, rather than an actual difference in the CONCEPT of the Trinity. Now obviously I am in error, since the “Church” (as in Christian Orthodoxy) says it is heresy, which makes me a heretic. Well, OK, I knew that already.

It is terribly ironic to me that this web page emphasizes the fact that this view of God as Three, is way beyond the ability of the human mind to really comprehend. Yet, the “Church” regularly used such precise and nebulous differences, as the excuse to torture human beings to death. Now, is it just me, or do any of you see something very wrong here?

Honestly, sometimes I think that the “Church” political leaders had a little bit too much to drink, too much love of torturing heretics to death, and therefore, too much motivation to invent new heresies. What motivation, you ask? Why, the motivation to find new souls to torture and burn at the stake, of course. I really think they enjoyed this torture/burning/killing thing WAY too much in the “Middle Ages”, and maybe still today. I really think they perfected God’s ability of “ex nihilo” creation a bit too much for the good of humanity (in other words, making a mountain out of a mole hill).

But what do all my opinions and ramblings have to do with “Modern Spirituality”?  I do not pretend to represent Modern Spirituality for all, but rather only MY take on what I think is happening with a large number of people these days.  I think the tendency of my own mind is to see “commonalities” between the various religious beliefs, rather than focusing on the differences. One of the defining aspects of this Spirituality, for me, is the recognition of the commonalities between ALL, or almost all, of the Earth’s major religions, and many of the minor ones. I look at a Buddhist, a Hindu, a Christian, a New Ager…and see that all of us are basically worshiping the exact same God (by various names), and have similar legends or myths, such as the Garden of Eden, Tree of Life, and the many flood myths. If you really look closely, you can see that the commonalities are MUCH more extensive than generally admitted. This tendency I see in Modern Spirituality, to be all-inclusive, and accepting of all human beings as equally valuable, equally Divine, is a major departure from the norm of religions to separate humans, and look down on those who believe differently. I think one major goal of Modern Spirituality is leading people “toward” the brother/sisterhood of all humanity; bringing together, rather than tearing apart. I believe this sentiment is shared by many in this opening Aquarian Age.

In most religions, including Pagan, you can find some sort of trinitarian view of the Godhead. It may be expressed as Father, Mother, and Son/Daughter/Child, or Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas, or some other variation of three-in-one concepts.  The idea is very prevalent as found in all sorts of religions throughout the past, and throughout the Earth.

I hope to have much more to say about both, Modern Spirituality, and the similarities between religions, in future blogs. For now, this is just what “popped” into my little brain today. Please leave me comments, as I want to encourage discussion. I also hope to avoid arguments as much as possible. I value other views, even if I disagree with them. For now, Peace!