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My Dire-y 05/23/2015, Saturn Day

Yes, here we are again.  It’s Saturn Day (Saturday), the last day of the week, the Sabbath, the day God rested from the work of creation.  Saturn is the planet of Inertia, where things just passively continue along the last path they were travelling, through the power of built-up energy.  Saturday is the Jewish Sabbath, the day they are to do no work, the Holy day.

Christians worship the first day of the week, Sun Day (Sunday, bet you didn’t guess that one, haha) because they are Sun/Son worshippers.  On the “Tree Of Life” of Jewish mysticism, the Sephira Tiphareth (the central one of the 10 circles on the “Tree”) represents the both Sun, and the Christ, it’s color is yellow.  It is the sphere of the Messiah, Son of God, the central Ego, the Sun, Jesus, the Christ Consciousness within us all, that spirit which encourages us ever upward to higher spiritual attainment.  But we were talking about Saturday weren’t we.

Yes, I like Saturday.  Most of us do.  Cats were especially created for Saturdays.  Everything just drifts along on the power of the week.  A day of rest and relaxation is a fitting end to each week of work and business, biz-ness, monkey business.  Since my cats tend to sleep most of the day anyway, they feel right at home on Saturday.  This is the day where people start thinking about all the “stuff” they could/should be doing, and say, “to hell with it, I’m going to relax, drink a beer, and watch TV”.  This is the day on which it is proper to take exactly that attitude.  I think I will just join right in…. 8^)

Happy old-school Sabbath, everyone!


PURPOSE by Mark Kagy

My_Caduceus (copy)We fall into creation,
pay tribute to our nation,
We pray for our salvation,
while working devious machinations.

To “Experience”, you must See,
is what it means to Be,
so we join humanity,
the truth is we are “Free”.

Tender compassion and a loving heart,
equal dark evil desires and intentions,
Both are necessary for the course
woven into our story.

pain and suffering are but one side,
with pleasure and opulence reflected,
all comes to balance ultimately,
and justice surely takes Her due.

nothing is forbidden,MyStar
all is Divine,
ours is only to live complete
the part we are assigned.

we are but automatons,
or else we are gods,
it matters not from what perspective,
in the end it is but ONE.

when death has come we are at rest,
no troubles, trials, or thoughts,
to blinding darkness our consciousness returns,
till by chance, we come again.

Gratefully feel All pain,
in suffering be content,
if ease and richness are your inheritance,
with awe and humility take your place.
if average and common is your life
and little you Create,
remember only that you serve
through “Experience” of your fate.

for each and every possible thought
and each True deep desire,
All are as equal, to the One,
whose knowing we Inspire.

the warrior great, and shifty vagabond,
garbage collector, and royal queen,
the common worker and scientist,
all equal in their Worth.

the schizophrenic sees beyond the veil
fearful sights and deafening voices,
the portion of reality closed to most.
from deaf mute to idiot savant
and autistic to the genius,
all see the “Plan” from angle unique.

Ultimate Experience is not complete
without Each contribution,
so honor is due in equal part
to every Angel, Being, Plant, and Rock.

Awake sleeper,Dao
know thyself
for who you are –
Divine Unity.

Mark Kagy

My Dire-y 05/21/2015, All B 4 Lunch

Great day today!  Not.  My plumber who was supposed to show up between 8am and 10am, didn’t.  My Internet went down, or out, or down AND out around 11am and is still out.  So I am using my smartphone for this post (well, not much else to do).  And my cat, Holly, decided to deposit her lunch all over my couch.  All this before noon.

Wonder what the rest of the day has in store?  Has the bad energy blown itself out, or will inertia carry it through the rest of the day?  Let’s see,  Thursday is Thor’s day, so that means Jupiter, the “Great Beatific” is in charge.  That is generally a good thing…then again, maybe a little trouble is exactly what I need most today (who can follow the purposes of the Universe).  Saturn, the planet of inertia, is in charge of Saturday (Saturn day, get it?) so maybe I will be OK.  Maybe I should consult an astrologer, or psychic?  Na, I’m good.

So I hope all of you (all 29 of you) are having a great day.  Without my Internet, I am reduced to posting, checking email, and watching really old shows on standard, over-the-air TV.  I got rid of cable TV about a year ago, ’cause I didn’t watch it that much, and I needed to save money (especially so I can blow it on new tech “toys”).  Hey, we only live once, and I really don’t need natural gas service during the summer, do I?  They won’t mind if I have it turned off till late fall, will they?   $+)

I am liking my new smartphone.  I can pretty much do everything I can do with my other computers (just not as easily, especially with my poor eyesight).  When the wi-fi goes out, 3G-4G will do the job.  The only thing, see, is that web surfing can eat up my monthly quota of 1GB of data per month really fast like.  Once you go past that, we’re talkin’ big money for any extra data above that.  So…that’s why I said that I am limited in what I can do without my wi-fi Internet service.

Well, at 12:30pm, just now, the wi-fi came back on.  Things are looking up!  Maybe Jupiter was just lazy this morning, or in the john (“loo” for you Brits) with the sh*ts.  Whatever, I’m getting interested in this show on TV and typing on this teensy weensy keyboard is getting old, so……later…..

Mark Kagy, Blogger Intro

20150405_102609Who the heck am I, and how can you get in touch with me? Click on the “About” button above. Or, if ya can’t find it, click here:


I am going to attempt to write some blogs, which I hope will ultimately be useful to at least one person out there. I have some ideas, like “how anyone can become a computer user for less than $100”, or “if the occult isn’t satanic, then how’s come it got so misunderstood?”, or even “what is the meaning of life”? Now keep in mind, I am just your normal (?) techie type, not a writer, not a pro, but just an everyday “Joe” who doesn’t know a lot about blogging, or HTML/XML, or whatever. But even then, maybe I can contribute something helpful or useful back to the society that has nurtured me all my life; whether I wanted it to, or not…