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MY DIRE-Y BLOG, 04/19/2015, Spiritual Beliefs and Persecution

I have written a possible future blog which contains an outline of certain spiritual beliefs I currently hold to be true. I have been contemplating putting myself out their by publishing them in a blog. However, I have been thinking about the possible repercussions of such action, and the modern persecution which exists in America. Oh, yes, such persecution does exist today, even in a country founded on freedom of religion. Yes, we are free to follow our own religion, and others (due to freedom of speech) are just as free to bombard you with criticism, hate email, their “opinion”, etc (even in defiance of law sometimes). ┬áSometimes modern persecution (not necessarily religious) has taken on the form of physical violence, even recently. ┬áPossibly a better word might be retribution, or vengeance, rather than persecution, but the violent results can be identical in either case.

I do agree that there are some areas of this society which exhibit an imbalance, and call for the force of public opinion and protest, to lead to the correction of that imbalance. One recent example is the manner in which certain of our police forces have treated (and still do treat) minorities, and the poor. In cases like that, I can see a need for public outcry to bring about a correction to such imbalance for the good of all humanity.

Another example, however, which has been on my mind lately is how the extreme religious right has been attempting to push its agenda on everyone, especially on our government, where it has no business sticking its nose. I know they view such “evangelism” as part of their religious responsibility, but that is where THEIR nose comes face to face with the noses of us ALL. There is a good reason the founding fathers attempted to make sure that religious beliefs were kept OUT of the business of governing the nation. The main reason, of course, is to make sure that religious persecution never again became a legislated part of a country founded on religious freedom!

Anyway, people sometimes take matters into their own hands, even to the point of committing criminal acts in the heat of the moment. I am not sure I am quite ready to allow myself to become an object of criticism or ridicule just yet. I don’t really think I would draw the threat of violence down upon myself, but you never know. Because Christian fundamentalism is very strong just now, I am pretty sure to draw at least some criticism for my current beliefs. I say “current”, because they have slowly, and continually evolved over the course of my life, but changing only as the result of much contemplation, prayer, and testing. Therefore, nobody is likely to easily talk me into changing them.

One part of my beliefs that I WILL put out there is my complete religious tolerance for others. Yes, even as strange as it may sound, I can completely accept ANY other person as a Divine, and valuable human being, regardless of religious beliefs. That would even include such extreme views as those held by satanists, or the Tea Party (I do NOT subscribe to either!). The reason I can do this is because I believe God is always in COMPLETE control of EVERYTHING. So, if God wants a person to hold certain beliefs in this incarnation, and time, then who am I to presume on God’s Will? If it is good enough for God, it is good enough for me, and I will leave well enough alone. You might say, “Well, if God made me such that I feel a need to actively fight against certain beliefs, then does that not mean that God’s Will is for me to think, and do, just that”? To which I would answer, “certainly”. I also accept even that. MY purpose, at this time, (I believe) is to have complete religious tolerance for others; I do not expect the same from everyone, but at the same time, I will also gravitate toward others who share a similar world view as mine. Another piece of this is my belief that God is perfecting ALL souls, and that in the end, there will be perfect, conscious Unity between God and ALL of His Glory, the Universe. So people, in my view, are exactly where they need to be at this time, in order for their souls to ultimately and consciously become One with God. I think God is capable of carrying this out without me trying to interfere. Some people were destined to be activists for this or that cause. I am not one, and have talents and gifts in other areas. We need activists to address issues which need correcting, and we also need others whose gifts of empathy, sympathy, and healing are just as necessary to life, and the health of a society. Projecting our own views onto everyone is something we all do to a certain degree. After all, if I am convinced that something is right, true, and perfect, then shouldn’t I expect everyone to believe the same way? Perfectly natural thing to do, and, in my opinion, perfectly wrong to do. I try to leave well enough alone, except for those times, and for things which I feel strongly enough about, to NOT leave well enough alone. Yes, I am imperfectly/perfectly human too!…

In other news, the power went off this morning, for about one hour. This happens sometimes when the power company is saving up energy for the peak usage hours to come. They usually try to rotate the areas which are blacked out for a short time, so that all suffer equally. My concern is this – if they are stealing (OK, borrowing) power this early in the season, where our use of air conditioning is light, then what is going to happen in a couple of months when the really heavy usage occurs? Just a thought currently coming to my mind. These dire-y (diary, for the really slow among you, (insert Smiley face)) blogs are more or less “stream of consciousness”, or, in other words, whatever happens to come to my mind, A scary thought, eh? Well, enough of my drivel for now. Peace!