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Here is something that might be useful.  I took a couple of existing pain scales, and modified them to work for me, and added a few of my own descriptive words and phrases.  In one case, the scale only used even numbers, so there were only 5 levels described with smiley faces.  Enjoy!

0 – No Pain

1 – Barely Noticeable

2 – Mild, Nagging Pain, Ache

3 – Noticeable Pain

4 – Moderate, Uncomfortable Ache, Cannot Relax, Restless

5 – It Hurts, Pain, Hard to Sleep

6 – Severe, It Hurts a lot, It Hurts Damnit!, Cannot Sleep

7 – Snappish, It Fucking Hurts!, Cannot Concentrate

8 – Very Severe, Moaning, Do Anything to Make it Stop, Need Help

9 – Excruciating, Unbearable, Tears, On the Verge of Insanity, Beat Head Against the Wall, Think Seriously about Cutting Off the Offending Member

10 – Worst Possible Pain, Insanity, Suicide, Not Humanly Bearable