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Seagate STBP8000100 Business 4-Bay NAS Network Attached Storage Review

I have had nothing but problems with this NAS since I bought it about two years ago. I documented a whole page worth of bugs I found in the NAS Manager. Now, I can no longer access the NAS Manager to make any changes. I can no longer add any shares, or do any of the administration of the unit. I tried everything. I reset it, didn’t work. I wanted to do a factory reset, but you need access to the NAS Manager to do it! The files that are on it, I can still access; at least that is something. The unit performance is not great, but OK for home use. The manuals are not very informative, they could have been written much better. Their support is terrible. What else can I say, but don’t buy it. I will refuse to buy any Seagate products ever again in protest, even though their disk drives are just fine. They should have stuck to that, and stayed out of the complex Network Attached Storage market.